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Estate Sale FAQs

If you are looking for a professional organization with a high standard of service? You've come to the right place.

  • Why Bluestar?
    Bluestar is designed to help each client individually and we can adapt to your needs. We are not only a full service estate liquidator , but we can help you with sorting, organizing, de-cluttering, packing, moving, clean outs and we are hoarding special
  • How does Bluestar work on the preparation of the sale?
    Bluestar starts by getting to know what you have for sale. We go through all your rooms, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. and take photos of the special items. We then discuss what you're keeping and what you're ready to part with. Once that is determined we can formulate a plan to help meet your goals. Two weeks (typically) before your sale we will need access to your home to prepare for the sale. We will display your items, put up signage, set up the cash register and if necessary put down floor protector. We start the advertising process as soon as you sign an agreement with Bluestar and send in your deposit which holds your date. The day of your sale we will have a sign-in list for those who want to shop your sale. We allow approximately 10 people in at a time to maintain some level of controlled chaos. We will provide bags and paper for the buyers. Our team will be stationed around your home to answer questions, hand out receipts, assist with sales and manage the shoppers.
  • What happens if you find money or expensive jewelry that I didn’t know about?
    Bluestar finds money, stocks, bonds, jewelry and other high value items all the time. These are yours and when we find them we will notify you immediately and ask what you’d like us to do with those items unless you’ve told us to sell everything. The money is counted and deposited into your account at Bluestar so we can write you a check rather than mail you cash.
  • What happens after I sign the agreement? Can I take anything I want out of the house?
    Once an agreement has been signed and we've received your exclusions list (within 24 hours of signed agreement) you cannot remove items from the home.
  • Can I move out after the sale?
    Bluestar performs full estate liquidations so the homeowners can no longer live in the home during the sale preparation and during the sale. We avoid conflicts, confusion and stress.
  • What effects the value of my things?
    There are many factors that can effect the value of your belongings. The location of your home, curb appeal, how your sale is set up, if you smoke, if you have animals, if it's a holiday weekend, if it's going back to college weekend, weather, etc. these are reasons we lose customers and value during your sale.
  • What do I do if I'm thinking about having an estate sale?
    Call Bluestar for your complimentary consultation before you throw anything away! One man's trash is another man's treasure and it rings true for estate sales. People look for all sorts of things and you may not know you have something special until we look at it.
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